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Pineapple Mk3

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Hi all, just recieved my Pineapple down here in the UK! Thanks for the fast delivery!

I've got one problem (I'm probably doing something really n00bish) - I have assigned the static ip of and the subnet of and I am unable to ping the Pineapple or SSH to it either (x.x.x.1). I have run Netscan to see if another IP pops up at all and it hasnt so im left a little confused!

That is the correct IP right?

I have also let the pineapple try to assign an IP but only get a loopback adress.

Anything else I can try? Or am I being really stupid lol

Cheers all

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Just tried the super quick start in BT5 but it failed so i tried regular quick start... went through all the options - it did its thing and then when it was pinging it said unreachable like on my windows box. pinged it myself and the same. although it did complete but still cant access the UI. changed the IP of etho0 also and still nothing.

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I had the exact same problem when I first got my ap51 from hak5, no matter how long I let it boot I never got a reply when I pinged the

I just flashed it with the newest version of the firmware at wifipineapple.com

booted and worked fine since..

hey mate, its looking like this might be the root im going to have to take if i cant get this to work. Ill wait off for a bit to see if anyone else has any suggestions though

but if it does come down to it, am i following this guide? http://hak5.org/hack/wifi-pineapple-flashing-guide

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I would re-flash with the new firmware from Seb. Lots of fixes since then. I will make a video later of how to flash the AP51 on Windows and Linux sometime later tonight if i get time to :|

If you do, I would love you forever! lol

Would realllllyy appreciate it if when you make the vids you make it so that its "ready to go" i.e all packages and stuff that are required.

Cheers man!

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