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[help!] Respondus Lockdown Browser


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The hacked lockdown browser allows me to alt tab/run restricted programs. all is well until this happens. my institution has set the assignment to open in a new window. when i access the assignment, a child window of respondus lockdown browser pops out, and is always ontop of all other programs.

now, i cant browse my folders and surf the web as the child window of lockdown browser is "always on top" , as i am unable to move or change the size of the child window.

i have tried to look for


in the files to try to disable it but to no luck.

if u need an institutional code u can use 752215956

can someone help me? :unsure:

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Download zonealarm pro. If will let the program run, while blocking its ability to monitor keys and disable alt tab.

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I understand what you mean. When I was first trying to break it with Ollydebug a few years ago when the original thread was posted, before I nopped out the controls that blocked alt+tab, etc, I had found that ZoneAlarm would keep the program from locking the screen and blocking keys, so give it a shot. I haven't looked at or played with the latest, but you should also be able to nop out part of the code to do the same thing. I'm not much for assembly and really don't know what I'm doing in a debugger, just kind of got lucky in taking out the right parts before. Anyhow, try ZoneAlarm, see if it helps. If not, just have to deal with it or hack it yourself.

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