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  1. u remind me of myself years back where i made a dos virus and open it, resulting in my bios being flashed with virus. lolol. did u try registry? considering its been 2 months, perhaps u alr got it fixed. well, watever. really appreciate it if the source could be up lol.
  2. i got a problem with that. and i still cant seem to get it to work after trying everything on this thread =/
  3. hey, i have tried zonealarm pro but it didnt work :( i have tried to edit it using ollyDbg but i am lost. =x
  4. what i meant is that the lockdown browser is already hacked to allow alt tab but its child window(when i click on a quiz it opens a new window) is made to be always on top of other programs, and in full screen, which blocks the sight of other applications.
  5. if u have a 3/4G phone with data plan, just tether it to ur laptop. else, as protocol mentioned subscribe for a dongle.
  6. The hacked lockdown browser allows me to alt tab/run restricted programs. all is well until this happens. my institution has set the assignment to open in a new window. when i access the assignment, a child window of respondus lockdown browser pops out, and is always ontop of all other programs. now, i cant browse my folders and surf the web as the child window of lockdown browser is "always on top" , as i am unable to move or change the size of the child window. i have tried to look for window_set_keep_above() in the files to try to disable it but to no luck. if u need an institutional code u can use 752215956 can someone help me?
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