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Cell phone case mod


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So long story short I lost the charger for my phone . So I pop into rat shack to get a new charger and all they have is a charger for the car. It's like wtf I don't even drive. Anyways being I can't go any longer without a phone I decided to put a ciggarete adapter on my computer. Was really siked it worked to lol. All for only about $8.00 you can do it to. I had a spare molex so I didn't need one and I just bought the adapter part # 270-1556 . And now because ... " This thread is useless without pics " .. Here ya go enjoy! Not pics taken on the phone I rigged this up for.

nonamedm4.th.jpgLarge version

noname2vk7.th.jpgLarge version

noname3gw0.th.jpgLarge version

Thanks for the idea wess you rock !!!!!!!!

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