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Aircrack Suite On Macbook Problem


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I have the mac book pro and have used mac ports and installed the famous air crack-ng suite.

It compiles and installs fine.

When i try and put me p2p0 interface in monitor mode it says there are no wireless tools found.

I have had a look around on the net and i cannot see anything about this.

I know that my Wireless Card supports monitor mode as a can run kismac and it put the card in monitor mode.

Trying to run airodump does now work either.

If anyone has successfully installed and used air crack-ng could you please provide some input.

Kind regards


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In this instance, its one where I would say try airmon-ng. I don't normally use it and generally put my card into monitor mode manually, then use airodump to capture, but airmon will find and put the card in monitor mode for you like Kismet does, but only if its found and supported. Not sure if airmon works on mac, but I don't own a mac either so can't test.

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If all else fails, you can always use kismet to put your card in monitor mode then when capturing or injecting or whatever with the aircrack tools just specify the interface Kismet creates for monitor mode, or you could try putting your card into monitor manually however that's done on mac.

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