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Security,ethical Hacking And Digital Forensics At Uni


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I would like to pick 5 universities to which I will apply(in UK).

However, I need to compare some of the courses and their modules to pick the best

I am doing a spread sheet ATM with some stuff but I need a bit of help + ur opinion on different modules or course in General


Abertay, Ethical hacking -This oen looks the best and is my priority

Abertay, Digital Forensics -Back-up for the same Uni (I rly wanna get to that Uni)

Theese 2 are choices that I wont change on 98.6 percent

Caledonian Glasgow -Security,Forensics and hacking -doesnt look bad,most likely no.3 choice

Napier,Edinburg - looks horrible


Coventry -Look at What will I study , click find out more for modules


Sheffield Humbra

I am mainly comparing these other Unies to Abertay

However, I would liek to ask you what do u guys think are modules that are really necessary or which modules are 90percent worthless

For example, how relevant is math? or Object Oriented programming? Or anything else that looks like a waste of time.

Obv. to become a good "hacker" or jsut a pen tester I would have to study on my own anyway but it wont stop me from going ot Uni and experience the student life (I took a gap year) and it would be ncie to actually learn something while doing that. And oppinion on Digital Forensics vs Ethical hacking?

I will look more into different modules at different Unies tomorow and try to make ain depth analysis and I will also update and post in this thread about my concerns, etc.

Anyway, feel free to say ur oppinion

Thnx guys


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Personally I would take the 3 course3 for knowledge base purposes. But from a career point of view, a combination of Security and Ethical Hacking would be beneficial, if you want to get a job in the field of pen-testing or security.

Forensics on the other hand, will serve you better, if you are interested in working for a LAW government agency like FBI or some kind of agency dealing with Anti-Cyber-criminology.

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