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Java Developing For Android


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I have started my first year studies in university and as first programming language we will learn java, We have gone through java basics and we can develop some basic apps.

Well I have an android phone and most of android apps and made using java. So do you know any good android developing tutorials?

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Hi thar,

I'm a professional Android developer and been at it about 4 years. The first thing here is just a tip that will help, DO NOT think of Android as Java, it's java based but that's about where it ends aside from the ability to use JARs and Java libraries. The mindset you should take to android is just too different from typical Java and I've seen some very excellent java guys just utterly fail on android because they couldn't get around the Activity and Adapter based structures. They made things far harder than it ever should be (and their apps always forced closed etc). It doesnt sound like it's a big deal but it really can be for some people.

Anyway, the android developer site will help you get running in Eclipse (http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html), and I do recommend running it on Linux as the Windows version has issues running properly. You'll need the android SDK, the most recent JDK, eclipse, and then install the eclipse plugin. When you update the ADB, go ahead and grab everything available.

There really are not any good single destinations for Android tutorials, the documentation is crap and most people who offer solutions online are vastly inefficient or outdated and use bad practices. I would suggest looking to stackoverflow.com, see how other people are doing it and then IMPROVE upon whatever you find. Or you can PM me and I can try to help out.

Always check the Android developers blog for updates here: http://android-developers.blogspot.com/

The main tutorial site that will get you a decent way along is here: http://developer.android.com/resources/browser.html?tag=tutorial

The thing you want to focus on as it can be very difficult with all these manufacturers putting out their own special screens is supporting multiple sizes and densities in various ways, 4.0 is going to introduce some better ways of handling this, right now you really have to pick and choose what you support.

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Thanks, Iv found tons of crappy tutorials, which woun't even work, even if I copy/paste them. :D

This https://sites.google.com/site/androidappcourse/ is so far the most promising looking place. Well I have a 2 week vacation, so I guess that Ill try to do some android development or learning it. hopefully.

It's funny that creating that logic is just a tiny part of the development. And creating gui etc. takes all the time.

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