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  1. You can browse Github or bitbucket and see if any projects need people, Masterbranch is a social programmer thing that's cool too, and of course any opensource project will let you apply. I prefer going to hackathons and meeting people there, you get to work with a small group of people with varied experience for 1-2 days, can learn a ton, and may even win something at the end of it. Meetup.com has a bunch of those listed.
  2. You can do it, just gotta make sure your desktop NFC receiver works. The RFC stuff is already included in the Android sdk, it's just not been widespread enough for most of us developers to mess with it much, so howto resources might be scarce online. Other than that it's a good idea.
  3. Also, read up on how C treats characters. There's a comparison based solution that should immediately pop out to you once you read that! A couple posts touched on it already.
  4. Hi thar, I'm a professional Android developer and been at it about 4 years. The first thing here is just a tip that will help, DO NOT think of Android as Java, it's java based but that's about where it ends aside from the ability to use JARs and Java libraries. The mindset you should take to android is just too different from typical Java and I've seen some very excellent java guys just utterly fail on android because they couldn't get around the Activity and Adapter based structures. They made things far harder than it ever should be (and their apps always forced closed etc). It doesnt sound like it's a big deal but it really can be for some people. Anyway, the android developer site will help you get running in Eclipse (http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html), and I do recommend running it on Linux as the Windows version has issues running properly. You'll need the android SDK, the most recent JDK, eclipse, and then install the eclipse plugin. When you update the ADB, go ahead and grab everything available. There really are not any good single destinations for Android tutorials, the documentation is crap and most people who offer solutions online are vastly inefficient or outdated and use bad practices. I would suggest looking to stackoverflow.com, see how other people are doing it and then IMPROVE upon whatever you find. Or you can PM me and I can try to help out. Always check the Android developers blog for updates here: http://android-developers.blogspot.com/ The main tutorial site that will get you a decent way along is here: http://developer.android.com/resources/browser.html?tag=tutorial The thing you want to focus on as it can be very difficult with all these manufacturers putting out their own special screens is supporting multiple sizes and densities in various ways, 4.0 is going to introduce some better ways of handling this, right now you really have to pick and choose what you support.
  5. It sounds as if these developers are having that inside the app itself, if so there's nothing you can do. I've never touched it myself, but if it's not in the settings menu to turn off you can't.
  6. As an android developer I've had the misfortune of dealing with facebook functionality.... The success of this is going to depend on the app itself, if its the actual Facebook one or one that uses the Facebook sdk, it uses single sign on with OAuth (which is an HTTPS connection), with the idea being that you don't want to handle the actual log in. If it's an older app there's no telling as they had all kinds of ways to implement. So depending on if the user has previously signed in on the device, they may never enter the login but just 'allow' the app to work with your profile. For instance I dont use facebook so when I test I have to enter a login, but after that one time every other facebook app I test just wants permission to use my profile. They've gone to a key system, so you may end up snagging the app key, which might be fun too. The facebook sdk is crap, but the point of the single sign on was solely to avoid entering usernames and passwords. Hope this helps. As far as ports and ssl, there's nothing that specifically states which is being used, but being what it is I'd say port 80 and ssl would depend on the user having it turned on or not.
  7. Think we got enough to start a huddle too. I've got one for my hak5 circle ready. The tablet app is NICE.
  8. This said nothing about an arrest....just some crazy lady.
  9. r3b00tz


    Engrish. I creary told you. lol
  10. Snubs has a stalker app! She's super cute and all but that's just creepy.
  11. Well from my experience developing mobile stuff, Apple has really closed off their platform so it turns to be harder to translate things than you'd think. I'm sure it'd be no problem to rebuild it on Linux though if you had the source code.
  12. You forgot the ARM version! I got it running on my xoom and have been playing with it. The 32bit gnome will be installed soon enough though.
  13. Not that version, though I do have it running on my XOOM tablet! I don't think an image of the shell on windows cmd line will be exciting but here's a screenshot for the virtual cookie(the last two lines is where I booted in from the bootbt.sh file). I'm still gettin things set up on the tablet so Im gonna play for a bit and then get working with the 32 bit gnome.
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