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Guessing Passwords?


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Came across this on CNN. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/10/12/showbiz/hacking-arrest/

Looks like some guy was actually guessing passwords. I guess he made a script to analyze the information available and randomly pick words from Facebook posts and whatnot to guess passwords. Pretty clever way of getting in, but sounds like a long, monotonous task.

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Considering that nearly all email services will limit login attempts to 3 times or so every so many minutes, then on top of that every login attempt after the first 2 or 3 will require the user to do the captcha, that would have to be a very, very long task. :blink:

Not true, at least from when I used to do such things.

Mobile logins won't ban or lock accounts like the normal home pages do.

so say you were trying to get into login.yahoo.com

Tactics a while ago were to use mobile.yahoo.com or m.yahoo.com or even their "web messenger" to run a brute force on. It did not lock the accounts or ban IP.

Also could be the same with 3rd party sites like meebo. Just be careful when making a brute force program with meebo, a friend and I had to stop due to undesired results of dropping yahoo services for 30 minutes :P

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