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Wifi Control At A Local Coffee Shop


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Hi Folks,

I'd love to get some feed back on other people's experience or just suggestions. I'm helping a local coffee shop that provides free encrypted(WPA) wifi for it's customers. However, there is a ESL school above the coffee shop that frequently taps into the cafe's wifi sapping the bandwidth. The coffee shop is a startup and a pretty cool place to hang, so I'd like to help the owner who's not a techie.

I'm looking for a solution to keep the paying customers on and keep others off. The staff behind the counter are not tech savvy and trying to teach them how to change the WPA password would end in disaster. The owner provided me an older computer and I purchased another network card. I figured there must be a fairly automated solution that is free to setup on this box and would help the coffee shop out.

I'm pretty tech savvy and enjoy watch HAK5 to get tips and for entertainment. It would help if someone could point out some goodies to help with this project.



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ARGH stupid forum didn't post my reply so here's the short version..

linux based router (dd-wrt or soekris or other custom box)

script to run that changes the wireless passphrase from a wordlist

script emails a specific e-mail address (one that the workers can get to)

use cron to run the script every 12 hours or every day at 6pm or 1 hour after close of business

idiot proofing: skip the e-mail thing and get a ticker board (you know those things with the LEDs that schools run messages across) with a serial connection or something and output the new password to that... TODAY'S PASSWORD IS: pineapplesareyummy

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I would use WPA2 Enterprise, where it relies on a radius server for a second layer of authentication. So even if the end user knows what the WPA key is, he/she will still need to know what the username/password is, in order to authenticate and be able to access the internet.

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