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Idea For A Project


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OK so people can make for instance a laptop = router connect to the internet by using a cable connected to the router and then use the wireless adapter so you could make it right, so why not having that router(laptop) have the jasegar's Karma so that our laptop will do the job.

For instance i am at work and leave my laptop runing karma and have a connection with an ethernet and when i get back or even at work (with logmein.com) i could see the packets going through.

And also i could(somehow) think of a way so i could make all the pages rickrolled right?

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I presume that the community left this topic alone for obvious reasons. The pineapple is mean to act as a device of convenience. It incorporates functions, script, programs that work with laptop already. The point being, all the tools found in Jasager origiinlly began as tools that a laptop could execute.

Let me ask you this, would you want to haul a laptop around; opening and closing the lid when ever you had to set up an attack, or would you rather contain all the same device in a much smaller form, with efficient power and such... (etc. etc., ad naseum to the credit of its creators).

And have you tried a simple and cursory search of google, one would find that Karma (or karmetasploit) exists as a project independent to the Wifi Pineapple.

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You can also accomplish this with airbase-ng. Securitytube.net's wifi megaprimer has a tutorial on how to set it up.


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