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It - Tracking Software - Laptop - Crashing - Permission


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I have few questions about my laptop and advice about my school laptop. School issued me a new Mac Pro (this year) and I have and other colleagues have notice the significant lag for certain programs that are loading up and software that are more frequently crashing.

Also, I tried to install C# Express and nFridga (for Unreal) so I can learn Unreal scripting. But when I try to install nFidge it gives me this error.

“You Must have at least Window XP Service Pack Pack 3 installed. Installer will now Exist” Image attached...

I am running window 7 on this machine. Confused???

I have successful installed both on my workstation at home with no problems. With Window 7.

Also, have I tried to patch an Video Game and it said I needed Permission on this Laptop.

IT said that I should have all Permission allowed on my laptop to install on my Laptop from school. I believe they set Permissions on their machine at my school. Not physical on my machine. Is that why some software running slower. Also, throughout my school Software (and OS loading) is running slower.

Also, this year I and other colleagues needs permission to go to Task Manger. In addition, Power point, Words (UDK, Maya, 3Dmax, Unity, Motionbuilder, Mudbox and others no problem) and all Adobe are crashing more frequently and taking 30 seconds to load up. Anyone have idea why this happening?

Also, When I load Apple OS on this machine and other machines it taking significant long time for it to load up or start.

There are several more problems

So my question is why is this happening? Are they running tracking software on my machine and others? If they are how do I see that or is there way I see what they using (for most important if tracking) or see if what they doing is causing all these problems.

How should I handle this with IT and ask the right questions...

Thanks for anyone for helping me out. Cheers…



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Make sure your laptop has an updated antivirus and its not infected.

Secondly, does your school laptop have a service pack installed?

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Personally I don't think your school would install keyloggers on student machines, but if they did they can sometimes be quite difficult to detect. Standard anti-virus software with updates will usually disable the mainstream keyloggers (Refog, All in one, KGB, etc.) but then again it's possible to have a script a startup that disables your real antivirus and replaces it with a bogus one to fool windows into thinking it's protected. I have yet to hear any solid information on detecting (not disabling) keyloggers in Windows, so the only way I can think of to detect a keylogger would be to listen for outgoing emails containing the logs, but this could take a long time depending on how often it sends log files, if it sends log files.

If you really want to be sure you should reformat the drive, install everything from scratch and permit only known safe traffic. My take is, with the software readily available today, you can never be too paranoid on Windows.

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