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Windows Update RSS..?


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[edit: someone said it was too long and others probably thought it so in short... Does anyone know of an automatic (or how to make) downloader for windows updates... it has to be the install file. It needs to check what the latest one is every hour or so, so that i can bring them to work and fix pcs]

I just got a job at a computer repair company (geek squad) and also run my own. In geek squad one of our over priced services it to run a program call customizer which increases the perfromance of the pc. (its sort of like a half beaten to death compmgmt.msc) we really arnt able to do too much (clients get b****y if you tweak startup) one thing it does do is install microsoft updates which are in a folder customizer calls on for the patches. Not all of these patches are there so afterwards we need to connect to microsoft and download new ones. But enough with the foreplay and to buisness....

I am not CIA yet (ppl w/ white shirt and tie) im AV. I can do CIA or DA work but they want me to be a peon for a while. It takes a while for microsoft to download updates. If i had an rss which downloaded new microsoft updates via web or torrent we wouldnt need to take 35ish minutes connecting and d/ling from windows. Is there any rss feed of updates anyone knows of? It has to be directly to the file and not a link about it. If its thru http is there an auto downloader (perfer torrents) Ive done really good work so far, more that expected, and if i can improve their procedure upper managment will like me even more.

if there is no rss feed is there a way to make one such as...

microsoft (ick) has an rss feed that talks about new updates and a link to them. Could i save that do a search and download it.. as in search KB*.exe and download that?

Thanks... sorry about long post..

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no there isnt a rss feed. but u kan make your own or download all patches to a dvd.

I have all patches on a dvd. With an xml based install, so i can easly burn more updates and simply update the xmlfile, then the program will install theonce that arent installed yet.

sorry for my crappy eng. :oops:

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its not about having a cd full of them... i need to have the most current... id need the rss to check every hour or ten minutes for new ones. At work we have them updated every month and the ones between months we download from microsoft.

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