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Backtrack 5 Macbook Driver Install


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I'm JamerTheProgrammer.

I have recently bought an iMac Mid 2011.

With my old Macbook now put out of allot of its use due to getting my new Mac, I decided to install ReeFIt. Then I thought I would give Backtrack 5 a try.

So I installed it without a single hitch.

Installed fine, I can boot into it fine. But I need to install drivers.

This is what im trying to do:


But there is no additional drivers menu for me to install the Wifi drivers or anything.

Sorry for this nooby question.

Im not too used to Linux.

Reason I have Linux on my MacBook is because I love using it for web development.


Whats the command for shutting down? (Again, I apologise for my ignorance. )

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Problem is, backtrack is not ubuntu, and ubuntu is not backtrack, as backtrack is a highly customized and specialized distro for pentesting, its kernel and setup, while based on debian, is not the same as uBuntu. Not everything can be installed the way you would with uBuntu though the gui. You would have to find out of the things you want to install are in the backtrack repository and then apt-get install them. Not saying it won't work, just know that you may need to add the kernel sources to be able to install third party software and compile things.

As for installing these drivers, pretty much have to download the source files and compile and install them manually and no guarantee things will work. For example, the whole editing of your xorg.conf step in the uBUntu instructions, I don't think will work, as backtrack uses a different setup for the gui and x environment. You can try to see if they exist in the backtrack repository, and apt-get install them, but if not, manually installing would probably be the only way to go.

To shutdown, open a terminal and type: "shutdown -h now"

best place to check for answers and ask questions, is on the http://www.backtrack-linux.org site itself, their forums and wiki.

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And also to add to everything digip has said, you might just want to install ubuntu. If you are only using that distribution for web development then backtrack is not ideal. Like he said it is a penetration testing platform that isn't new user friendly. Ubuntu is in my opinion one of the easier to use distro's of Linux and should provide all of the capability backtrack 5 r1 would.

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Yea bt5 aint the most new user friedly distro, but using it is a quick way to learn how to use terminal ie. Bash.

I started using first bt4 and after 6monts that. I also installed ubuntu. So you can use bt5 as your main os. I liked it when i had the change to play with all the tools withour really knowing like what is metasploit. :D

Btw you can also use bt5 with out installing it, but by using a virtual pc like vmware or virtual box.

As already mentioned best place for bt related questions is backtrack-linux.org/forums and google.

And to turn bt off i use "poweroff" and to restart i use "reboot".

Sorry for the typos, im not yet get used to write with my new android phone.

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