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Arpspoofing And Hotspots?


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There are lots of public hotspots which charge a fee. One UK example is BT Openzone (http://www.btopenzone.com/) They must cover most of the country.

What I would be interested to know is how can these hotspots prevent ARPspoofing? They must surely be an attractive target especially at places like airports and train stations.

Or do the owners of such commercial companies not care? Perhaps nothing can be done?

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Short answer, in my experience they don't protect against ARP spoofing. There is very little an AP can do to tell the difference between a legit packet and an a spoofed one.

People have talked about doing power level checking and stuff like that but the extra expense of doing that isn't worth it.

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If you are going to be using those WIFIs, I would recommend using ArpON. This tool will alert you and block any one who is arp poisoning the network. So its a great tool to have, if you are going to be using an unsafe hotspot.

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