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Gotomeeting Packets Capture


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I was on nice webinar which was made in GoToMeeting technology, so I made packets capture in Wireshark. I want to watch this one more time, so how can I extract this "movie" from packets, or if it's complicated what software can I use in Windows to incject this packets to the GoToMeeting software (I mean ofcourse inject to my network in way that GoToMeeting software "thought" it is from the internet) and watch this one more time? Probably there are other packets in my capture also. I don't even know which executable file in GoToMeeting software should "eat" those packets.

Oh, I don't know if it's important, but my packets capture is not from the beginning of this webinar. I hope there are no important information on the beginning of the GoToMeeting transmission.

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Unless you have a way to decrypt it, like the certificates or something, I'm pretty sure its all encrypted. If it was pushed over http or something then maybe.You woudl probably need something at the memory level to pull the stream out as its being displayed, and write to disk as its watched. Stream recorders exist for different types of media, like mms, rtsp, etc, bu tnot sure one exists for encrypted voice and video off of GoTo Assist.

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There are three kind of packets:

- a lot of ADP packets (stands for Aruba Discovery Protocol)

- TCP packets

- TLSv1 packets.

I read in this kind of streams data flow both in TCP and UDP (ADP are in this case a UDP packets)

Is it possible to find in those capture a certifficate (I am a noob, so sorry if it is a strange question ) ? And if it's possible then do I need a second one which is placed on the server to encrypt this?

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Ofcourse I mean decrypt, not encrypt.

But by the way, if it wasn't a GoToMeeting packets, but something else, not encrypted, what software can I use to inject this to the network as if it was from the Internet? Ofcourse in Windows.

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