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New Google Cr-48


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I have received a Google CR-48 from Google as a free beta user through work. The model is the "Mario". I know these are EXTREMELY new, but does anyone have any input on them? Can anyone pop the browser and get out of the sandbox? Puttin the screws to it now lol

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On greater inspection I found a piece of black tape to the right of the battery contacts with the battery removed. Under the tape is a switch. I flipped the switch, then booted. It came to a blue screen asking me to press spacebar to reinstall DONT PRESS SPACEBAR. After pressing key combinations I found Ctrl + D breaks out of that screen and will install developer mode!! At each reboot you need to press Ctrl + D still but it will boot into developer mode. While in developer mode press Ctrl + Alt + T chrome will slide to the left and you will be left with a lame stripped terminal (you can type help for a few commands) At this point if you type shell, you will get full bash. Your username is Chronos (yeah thats cool) To root just type sudo su I have not been able to figure out what the process for changing the root password is tho. passwd Chronos gives odd locked errors and I cant seem to unlock it.

O hacking how I love the

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