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Denial Of Service Types


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I'm trying to compile a list of various types of DoS Attacks and countermeasures, and I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me of any attacks they know of that I have not listed below:

SYN Flooding

UDP Flooding

FRAG Flood

Ping of Death

Smurf Attack

GET Request

DNS Amplification

LAND Attack


P2P Attack

Shrew Attack

CGI Request Attack

If you know of any that are not there, then please let me know. Many thanks in advance.


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Have you checked Wikipedia as it has useful list of some denial of service attacks.

Yup, I have, as well as Google Scholar and IEEE. What I've been looking into recently are the Low Rate DoS attacks like the Shrew Attack, trying to get a better understanding of it. The More DoS attacks I can get together though the better.

Thanks for your reply


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DHCP Exhaustion, if you can exhaust the pool than no client will be able to authenticate to the network.


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Look up slowloris and the owasp HTTP Slow Post tool.

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