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Site Looks Weird In Firefox, Just In Firefox..


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Hey guys. So I'm testing my site in browser labs to see it the some browsers. The thing is that it looks very weird in Firefox versions <4 for Windows.

To describe it, it looks sorta like the contents of the site is "dragged" to the left. I'm using partial CSS position and some positioning inside the HTML. With DIV tags ofc.

My first thought was the doctype is wrong? I'm using HTML 4.01 Strict FYI. :)


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There are some browser hacks you can use, to tackle this problem. The articles below should elaborate in details.



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Without seeing the code, maybe there is something bad in the code syntax that is causing it.

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Apparently what solved it was that I set the "body width" to a certain value. That fixed it :)


EDIT: Well it sort of fixed it, but instead it made the whole site alligned to the left, whata jesus.. "

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If you could post both the html and css you are using, then we might be able to help, but without seeing the code, we can't validate it.

By the way, if your div container is using "margin: 0 auto;" to center items, you need to change your doctype to at least xhtml 1.0 transitional, or it will align left and ignore the css centering based on the html 4 standards.

When done, try validating it here: http://validator.w3.org/ and work out your errors. Then see if everything fixed itself.

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