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Linux Using Ip Tables To Forward Webtraffic To Another Network.


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I've got a redhat box (5.2) with two NIC;s installed.

I have it connected to a network. (its a private network ) this is on interface eth0

on eth1 i have the network which has a nice internet connection. Deafault gateway =

so eth0 =

and eth1 =

I want to be able to point a computer to use 128.172..101.33 (eth0) as a proxy on port 8080 or somthing.

This server will have to NAT anything coming in on port 8080 on eth0 and redirect it out of eth1 interface so it can destin itself for the internet.

I am a fairly seasoned linux user.

Never been able to grasp IP tables though.

Could someone please just post the commands so i can get this done.

I would like some feedback too on documentation and stuff but i have some but its not sufficent.

thanks in advance


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