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Ideas For Cleaning Windows


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I am creating an automated way to remove rootkits, viruses and other malicious programs from windows xp to windows 7 then runs win updates on all the systems. It’s for a fun raiser for my collage club.

I was just wondering what you hackers think is the best way to remove all the crap of a windows system?

so far I have


Malware bytes AntiMalware

Lava soft Ad-aware

SpyBot S&D


Hitman Pro 3.5



Rootkit buster

Anything else I should include to make sure the system is not compromised in any way and will run as fast as possible

Yes I know many will suggest switching to Linux/Unix But from personal experience Its not dummy proof user friendly

Remember these people just like clicking on buttons

Any suggestions

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Well... the best (and correct) way is to reinstall and start again or restore from backup... might not be appropriate in this instance given the context.


Ignore for a moment that it's hosted on Gaia Online. It's actually one of the most complete guides to cleaning up a Windows system I've ever seen.

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Here is a problem with virus infections, depending on the virus it may/may not be possible to completely remove it.

If you try removing it, could cause serious damage to the operating system even resulting it in no boot at all.

The only way to fully remove an infection, is through a full system reinstall, as Sparda stated.

Or what you could do is create an image of the system and only use in case of emergency.

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Now that's mean!

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