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Sony Ericsson U10i


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Hey everybody,

a while ago a friend of my asked me to look at his Sony Ericsson U10i. The problem is it blocked, he asked me to try and unlock it.

I have no experience with unlocking mobile phones. I read some thing about setools but you must pay for this software and you need a special usb cable.

Another method I found was unlocking the phone my sending the IMEI to a company and they will generate a unlock code, like this site for example Mobile Unlocked.

Could a site like that be trusted that is my main concern, would that unlock code work ?

Has any one had some experiences with this type of problem ?

Thanks a lot in advance.



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How it is locked. I mean, doesnt that phone allow your friend to change simcard. Is that protection set by operator or by other user?

Or is that phone on some "black list" ie. your friend has a phone that is reported to be stolen and by that way blocked.

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Tell him to take it into one of the stores he is billed through, and they will unlock it for him. There is no reason they shouldn't do it for him, and it will be legit instead of having to trust a 3rd party site over the internet.

For example, if Verizon is his carrier, go to any Verizon store and get it unlocked. If he switches carriers, the new carrier should also be able to unlock it and add it to their network, so long as they offer the same carrier type such as GSM to GSM.

If its a CDMA phone and not GSM based, then it will have no sim card, and wont do you any good to unlock it anyway, you would have to get a new carrier to switch it onto their network, or upgrade the phone to one that has a SIM card on a GSM network. My phone for example, doesn't have a SIM card, so if someone stole it, they can't just pop in their sim card and use it.

Here is a trick you can try though. Go buy a prepaid phone, like the older Nokia Tracphones, activate it, costs like $20, then put the sim card from the Tracphone into the other phone, and if it works, the phone is already unlocked and you can use it anonymously via the pre-paid cards to add airtime. My sister did this with a blackberry she got from a friend who upgraded her phone, so we just slapped a Tracphone prepaid sim in it, and it works to this day with no issues.


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He founded the cell on the floor of a bar he visited in Spain. :) (I'm from Belgium).

Like I said I'm from Belgium, we buy a cell and it is ours, afterwards you can choose if you want a prepaid phone or close a deal with a carrier.

We don't have sim-locks on our phones. BUT the phone I'm taking a look at is from Spain and they do have sim-locks.

I think it is a sim-lock question, this appears on the phone when starting up :

First I can choose between :Modo Normal(normal mode) or Modo de vuel(Flight mode)

Then I get this when selecting normal mode(without a Sim card inside)

Original : inserte una tarjeta SIM o, para ver una demo del teléfono, primero pulse demo

Translated : insert a SIM card, or to view a demo of the phone, first press demo

With SIM card

insertar la tarjeta SIM correcta (Insert correct SIM card)

So I guess it is a SIM-Lock any advise how to handle that problem ?

Regards Niels

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He founded the cell on the floor of a bar he visited in Spain. :) (I'm from Belgium).

With all respect, I think that its probably illegal. However in case of nokia phones you have unlimited tries on that security code (code that is needed when you try to change sim card. Protects phone in case of theft). After 5 tries it will erase all date from that phone, but it wont lock it. After 5min you can try again.

If that, what i quoted, is true, or near to it. The person who owns that phone has probably reported it and now that phone is on worldwide blacklist. In case of blacklist you cant use that phone as phone.

And in case of blacklisted phone if you go to store to get that phone unlocked they might notice that the phone is reported stolen and you can imagine what happens then.

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What ever you do,it would be nice to hear what happens, do you get it working or not. If you can how you did it?

BTW I think that the site you posted is reliable... What would you lose?!?

I'll will asked my friend if he will let me try it.

I'm now al my university and don't have the cell phone with me, so as soon if I try I will let it know

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