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Rootin My Android


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so i picked up an android htc evo shift and i wanna root it

what do you get when you root it and what roms should i try? any help would be great

the best source i've found for htc android devices is forum.xda-developers.com

there I was able to help my friend root her evo shift, however as far as i know there are no roms up to 100% (last i checked anyways)

there are a few kernals for sense roms though... as always though, be careful and read everything... almost destroyed a few phones just loading stuff without paying attention to what i was doing lol

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z4root (2.2 and below) and gingerbreak (everything else) are what I have used to root my device as well as assist other people. If you are going to do custom roms make sure you back up your current one with clockwork, titanium backup, or something similar, i am stuck in a leaked version of motoblur unless i want to do a whole lot of extra stuff to go back to stock.

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I just rooted my Desire few weeks ago and currently using "LeeDrOiD_V2.4_A2SD"

It's nice and stable. Although I haven't tried any other roms yet so can't give you a comparison.

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