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Hackers For Charity


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Over the last year or so, I have donated somewhere in the upwards of $2000 to Hackers For Charity. I've bought t-shirts and even blogged about HFC, and talk to anyone who asks me about the shirt when I'm out wearing it (you would be surprised how many people give you dirty looks for something they have no clue is a good thing until I have to explain it to them).

I'd like to say that I've donated more, but my family is struggling to make ends meet at the moment like most people are, but I still send $50 here and there when I can spare it.

This post is about you. With the recent episode of Hak5 interviewing Johnny Long about HFC, I felt it might have brought a little more attention to the viewers and forum people who might not have known about it before. If you have a website, but don't have the money, equipment, or time to spare, you can still help out!

I've created some website banners that you can put on your sites and link back to Hackers For Charity. Its a small gesture that goes a long way in helping spread the word. There are 3 top right corner images for people who have the screen real estate to use them. For those who don't have room due to other things in the top corner there is also an animated gif file I created a while back you can download as well.

Copy the following code for your site. Be sure to change the URL to wherever you store the images on your end (please download the images to your site, do not hot link them from mine directly).

<a href="http://www.hackersforcharity.org/" target="hfc">
<img src="hfc-donate-today.png" style="border:none; position:fixed; top:0px; right:0px; z-index:999;" alt="Hackers For Charity" title="Hackers For Charity" /></a>

Default Image Works well with most site colors.


For White Backgrounds.


For Black Backgrounds.


And then the animated banner if you want that instead.


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cool stuff; I just watched the video on the website which was made at shmoocon 2011;

I'd like to maybe get involved a bit more in this stuff later on; for now it's an awesome idea to just make this part of my several (personal) website projects that I have; at least it will increase the page rank of the website on search engines

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