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Housewide Audio Server


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My parents are buying a new house and we're going to wire it with Cat 5e and junk. I want a way to control speakers in every room in the house from a central server. Would you advise using the Ethernet to transfer this data then convert it to sound using something in every room or would you advise wiring audio cables into the rooms with jacks in the wall and have a whole bunch of sound cards on a server?

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Or... you can use shielded wire to speakers in every room all run back to an amplifier. And give the amplifier whatever source you want.

What if I wanted different rooms playing different things though? I know it's kind of silly but I think it would be cool if my room mates could go to a web server and select music to play in there rooms or play the same thing in every room.

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Then you would need a multiple input/output audio matrix switcher. Not sure on a price tag for that.

I use these at work.


an audio matrix switcher will allow you to "route" any audio input to any/multiple outputs.

Yeah probably not. I think I'm going to look into some airplay alternatives

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