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Looking To Buy 2 New Monitors Any Tips?


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I'm moving out of my dorm room this summer and into an apartment and want to upgrade my current monitor situation(1xHanns-G 23.6"). I want two monitors in the 24ish range preferably with same make and thin bezel since I'm using them side by side. Any ideas? I looked at the Dell Ultrasharp 24" and was wondering if you guys considered them worth the money for internet, code and media usage.

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I personally never used Dell monitors, I've always used monitors from Asus. At home I have a VG236H, which comes with a 120HZ refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 2ms response and to be honest I am very happy with the screen and the quality in overall.

Now according to these reviews "Dell Ultrasharp 24", does seem to offer a very good performance.




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If fps isn't a big concern for you and you would like a true wide color gamut a samsung syncmaster f2380 (unfortunately in white) is a great bargain. I'm pleased with it for graphic design. Best Buy has been trying to clear them out for months now. They are big in Korea but never caught on in the North American market. Economically speaking put 3 samsung px2370's together and you've got a great gaming/coding experience. Plenty of screen space, 2ms response, thin/sleek looking bezel, and great on energy savings.

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