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AMD and Lollapalooza


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Got back from Lollapalooza earlier today and a highlight of the weekend was the fact that AMD had sponsored one of the stages for the festival. Too bad they didn’t give anything away the entire time (could have used a lanyard, hat, X2 processor, anything). Reason why I posted this was because I've never knew AMD did PR stunts like this and I was curious to see if anyone has seen AMD or any other tech companies in weird places/events as well. (minus Intel, they're everywhere).


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Never seen any thing like this in real life (obviusly at big sports events with all thoughs advertisments, never seen such brand pushing). The clostest thing to this I'v seen in real life was a belkin van that I saw in my village one day.

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Well I know AMD does quite a bit of sponsership in Formula One with Ferrari and I think they've sponsered a few Nascar events too? Not really a motorsport person so I don't know the specifics.

I believe AMD sponser the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team, but again I'm not a cycling fan either, although I am an AMD fan. :P

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