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Pptp Vpn And Ipv6


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Hi guys! Ahh I love the episodes.

If I were to use a PPTP 128-bit VPN on a windows machine with a linux vm box, would I need to disable IPV6 for both *and* any other machines connected to the network?

Basically the VPN will only be used on the linux vm box (bridged networking), so I can have my real IP showing for other stuff. I disabled IPV6 on both. But is it necessary to disable IPV6 on any other machines on the network that are connected to that router? Or is that sufficient.

Sorry it's such a noob question.

Additionally, is there any way that you guys know of on how to prevent the unmasked connection going to the router being used (on the linux vm box) in the event that the VPN drops me at random revealing my real ip/dns?

Thanks so much for your help.

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For us home users, I don't see much benefits for using IP v6. For the moment, IPv4 is good enough as long as you have NAT enabled you shouldn't have a problem. Its not like we are going to be connecting billions of devices to our network at home.

I run Win7 on my computer at home and to be honest I've turned IPv6 off. Not that I don't like but I just don't need it for the time being. I think you should stick to ipv4 for the time being.

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