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I don't see why not... Although you would need to find a pinout for the game cart, then find a way to interface with it via USB, and hope that there isn't anything that disallows writing after manufacture. If you're looking to load custom roms, I would look no further than an R4DS. a micro SD card is much simpler to work with.

If you do go the hard route, then you better post some pics!

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Honestly I'd get a "DSTwo SuperCard" for your Nintendo DS or DSi/XL. It's very simple to use and you can load all the games or homebrew you want onto it. Just do a simple google/youtube search. You can purchase them from www(dot)modchipcentral(dot)com (moderator feel free to edit that out if links aren't allowed)... Anyway it looks like a normal Game Cartridge but it holds a MicroSD Card and comes with a USB MicroSD adapter so you can easily transfer your homebrew or games. I have at least 100 DS Games loaded onto a single 8GB MicroSD Card using the DSTWo.

All in all they're pretty sweet, plug and play, and easy to use (even for kids)...


review w/ tons of pics:


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