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Ok, first thing first, I am allowing any moderator to lock at first sign of warring. This is my thread and I want NONE of that.

Second. I am finally going to college and am planning on majoring in IT, i know this is a broad field but for now I am getting my gen ed and such out of the way before major. One class though I chose for fun and can help is Web design. Another thing is I am getting (I hope) a grant to pay for it, and of course will have left over money, so I am MAYBE thinking of getting a new computer (currently running a gaming gateway from 08, still good, mainly for a desktop). I was looking at a Mac, both for the web design, and because I am going to get a Wacom tablet as I picked up drawing as a hobby years ago and finally want to star doing some computer art with all my black and white photos. Web design on a Mac is easier but since many people use IE 6, I can use a PC to see my sites better.

The final reason I was looking at a Mac was, as stated earlier, I'm going into IT, but I haven't used a mac seriously since grade 6 (8 years ago) and really think I should sharpen my skills on OSX. I've dabbled in linux and know I can dual/triple boot a Mac with Mac/Linux or Mac/Linux/Windows

So, what do you think, should I get a Mac or stick with a PC? I can get a discount (a measly one) from the apple store as I've looked at the prices already and AcademicSuperstore.com doesn't carry it so I gotta go through apple.com

AGAIN, no wars, if somebody has a point that you don't think is right, explain why NICELY

Thank you

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I don't know if Mac OS work on non-mac hardware or not, since I haven't tried. I reckon you should have a Mac and a PC, that is if you are not tight on budget. Moreover you could run a VMware fusion and have a Windows VM Guest running on it, if budget is the issue.

In my case, I would definitely have both. It would be certainly a very good experience to have.

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In terms of getting used to a OS X, I don't think you would need much preparation. It's fairly easy to pick up and you get used to it after about a week or so.

My suggestion would be the mac, mainly because its what OS X runs best on, and you can also run Windows so you can have both platforms running fine. Rather than one hacked-up OS.

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