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Deal Or No Deal


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Hey, I am looking to buy myself an android powered tablet this winter, something in the 7-10" range and less than $400. storage isn't much of an issue for me since SD cards are cheap, and I already have a 64gb iTouch loaded with all my music. I'm basically looking for something that will allow me to watch my IPTV shows as well as my tv shows and videos I download. It'll also be used for web browsing as well, and I might just want to play angry birds on it as well. That, and I've tinkered alot with Palm WebOS and jailbroken iOS, and I definitely want to be able to do the same with the tablet I will buy, so as long as it is root-able, I should be happy. Some other thoughts are that I am looking for something that will be a prime candidate for getting an update to 2.3 and/or 3.0 when they're released.

My prime candidate so far is the Archos 101 8gb. Can anybody recommend it? Or should I be looking at a different tablet?

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I like the look of the Archos.

I'd also add Dell Streak to the list. Also, check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

By the way, make sure that there's at least 512 RAM on each device, and do your research making sure that companies update their Android OS. You don't wanna be the only one on OS1.6 when everyone's on 2.1! (Like some OTHER brands...)

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I really wanted the streak if they had a larger version and in a wifi-only or CDMA version... I'm locked in with sprint(which has been treating me great!). Same for the galaxy tab. That, and every samsung device I've owned has turned to garbage within 9 months of purchase. Same for almost everybody I know. Between 8 people, I can account for 14 samsung devices that all died. It must be something in the air here...

So I got an Archos 101 8GB a few days ago and I must say, its pretty awesome! Build quality is good, the screen is bright and crystal clear, and the whole thing runs silky smooth with Froyo. Battery lasts me all day with wifi on, app downloading, and lots of web browsing/instant messenging. Downsides- It doesnt originally come with the official android app market(easy to install), No rear facing camera(the front one flips everything horizontally so I can't use it for QR code scanning until I find an app that lets me scan mirrored codes), HDMI out is less than perfect yet, there are some apps that I cannot download because they don't support my screen resolution.

If anybody is in the market for a tablet, I'll write up a full review!

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