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Distributed System Project Ideas


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So my lecture says I have tonight to come up with an idea for a Distributed system project or I will be working on CORBA which is just one small part of some distributed systems and I was working away until just now I saw Darren posting on twitter about "GPU password cracking in the cloud" So I decided to see if anyone in the forums had any nice interesting ideas.

Unfortunately my lecturer really didn't point me in any certain direction

He mentioned these but they have already been assigned to other students

Mosix, Inferno OS, Mach OS, ChorusOS, QNX Neutrino, E1 DOS, I'm looking at OpenNebula but it is looking a bit big as its just me on the project and its for next friday

Also watching listening to the TNT stream to hear what he says on whole thing

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I'm confused. You have to come up with a distributed project idea other wise you will be using CORBA (a system for communications between platforms and languages)?

Sorry I just have to write a report on a 10 page distributed system or a certain part of a distributed system i.e CORBA

so I'm just looking for some ideas or anything you guys have heard that is interesting. ATM I'm really looking at Amazon (wow spelt that Amazong twice now) EC2 systems

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There are several project out there that uses distributed system.

The rainbow table project.

The Folding@home project

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