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[Version 1] Ducky Doesn't Like Windows 7


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I'm playing the my Teensy 2.0 and can make it run and do the regular things listed in the forum on a Windows XP box with no problems.

Users get created, firewalls drop, services get enabled etc, etc...

Problem lies when I run into Windows 7.

None of the code I have seen in the forum actually works (at least on my windows 7 box).

The uac functions simply don't seem to do much in the order of running a command console with admin rights.

Furthermore, I don't see it working unless the user inputs they admin credentials.

Can anyone help out?

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I was looking at PsyDuk, but must have tried an older version... this one loads the libraries, etc...

THANKS Psychosis!

Also, to the other posts, I have no problems controlling a windows box once it's got admin rights... just to get the admin rights through windows 7 seems to be a challenge... the other posts I've tried within these forums and between IronGeek have only brought my windows 7 box to the search in my start menu.

I just got this device 2 days ago... so I'm yet to learn all the keyboard function calls and exactly what they are doing.

Thanks for the help guys!

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