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A Question About The Mobile Versions Of Dropbox


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Anyone who uses Dropbox on their phone know if they have edit access to a local copy when connected as a mass storage device?

A little background. My flash drive was stolen. I have a new Android phone :). I'm using my phone for just about everything portable now. This includes taking advantage of my phone's 16GB of internal storage to replace the need for another flash drive.

Up until this point I didn't see the need for Dropbox. I'm old fashioned, and used Windows Briefcase to sync files between my computers and my flash drive. If Dropbox can provide me 2GB of storage that syncs with my computers AND phone I'll be able to ditch having to manually connect my phone and sync when I make changes to a file.

What I want is the ability to store the synced folder locally on my phone, and access it when the phones storage is mounted as a mass storage device when I'm on the go. This would eliminate having to download Dropbox and tweaking it to run in a portable fashion since the app is installed on my phone. Anyone know if this is possible?

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Ok, to answer my own question, no, it doesn't store a local copy from what I can tell. Its a shame. Whats the point in installing the app than if you can just go on the website? I know it does allow you to use your files with other applications on your phone, but its just not what I needed.

Its kind of yes and no for me if I am understanding you correctly. If I put a file in the root on my dropbox, I can modify it on my main machine, work, laptop, mac or my Android, and it will update across all devices or computers.

Although any custom folders I made do not appear in sdcard\dropbox. Only Photos and Videos directories and everything in the root.

But yes, you can modify a file, save it to the root in your mobile dropbox simply by mounting it as a usb removable disc and saving your file changes. I did have to actually open the dropbox app on the phone after saving the changes, but once I did, it updated the other computers instantly.

I hope that helps. Cheers


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