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  1. I would be more than willing to help. Anything to stifle the spammers.
  2. I'm not sure but, it should probably be taken down either way.
  3. http://www.hak5.org/w/index.php/Chris_Gerling Looks to be blocked automatically by Firefox generating the following page Anyone know the backstory here?
  4. Don't forget about coasters and Frisbees. Or the ever popular CD ROM Fish Craft
  5. I personally have the AWUS036H from Amazon. $40+ free shipping http://www.alfa.com.tw This AWUS036NH vs. Alfa's popular AWUS036H 802.11g adapter: We have compared this model to the 1-watt AWUS036H adapter from Alfa. This model pulled in more signals than the AWUS036H. However the AWUS036H was getting stronger signals to many of the access points both could detect. Not a great deal stronger, but enough to indicate the AWUS036H 1-watt adapter has a better receive sensitivity for 802.11g networks. The AWUS036H is only 802.11g standard though, whereas this AWUS036NH is 802.11n standard and can get longer ranges and faster speeds when used with 802.11n standard access points. Because 802.11n is a newer standard, many of the access points around you (in neighborhoods or places you travel) will still be 802.11g. However over the next year, many technology publications indicate that a high number of people and businesses will be upgrading their wireless networks to 802.11n to meet the growing need for faster speeds. The AWUS036NH will work with these new 802.11n signals as they begin to spring up everywhere, and will work with them better and faster than the AWUS036H and other long range Wi-Fi products on the market today. If you are trying to decide between the AWUS036H and the AWUS036NH, what it boils down to is how you want to use the product. If you plan on using mostly with 802.11g signals and are trying to get the strongest signal strengths, the AWUS036H may be the best option. If you are trying to get the best range, or will be using with 802.11n access points, the AWUS036NH is the best option.
  6. I cant say enough good things about the Alfa NIC I came upon it from a personal recommendation from Darren himself. It is instantly recognized by every OS I have tried Win 7, XP, Linux, OSX. Its a must have.
  7. Its kind of yes and no for me if I am understanding you correctly. If I put a file in the root on my dropbox, I can modify it on my main machine, work, laptop, mac or my Android, and it will update across all devices or computers. Although any custom folders I made do not appear in sdcard\dropbox. Only Photos and Videos directories and everything in the root. But yes, you can modify a file, save it to the root in your mobile dropbox simply by mounting it as a usb removable disc and saving your file changes. I did have to actually open the dropbox app on the phone after saving the changes, but once I did, it updated the other computers instantly. I hope that helps. Cheers
  8. Cool. Sounds like Acer is stepping up to do the right thing and support their customer. Best of luck to you.
  9. I recently had something very similar like this happen with a Dell desktop. MS asked me to take a digital pic of the CoA and email it to a tech support person at MS, which i did. The next day someone from Dell emailed me asking me to call a 800# at Dell. I did this and they overnighted the restore discs to me, no questions asked. It appears that the version of Win 7 Home Premium is pre-activated, as I didn't have to mess with the MS activation anymore. I would agree with the others here and say that by you telling MS to fuck off accomplishes nothing. Stay on the line and escalate it further. But if there is no CoA on the machine, forget it.
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