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  1. Thanks,.... On the router itself, it says WPA and WPA2,......am I to take that as a good sign huh,....?....Thanks
  2. I received a router as a gift, now that in itself is wonderful,.....problem is, it came with not paperwork, manual, or anything else that would help me set this router up. It's a : D-Link Model: DIR-625 I went to thesite a couple of times, wrote notes to 'tech support', but have yet to hear back,.... ;) I want to set it up, but have no idea what to look for, in taking these steps. Do I have to have a CD to use, that will help me set the router up, if so, shoildn't I be able to go to web site and download whatever 'software', firmware, whatever it is I need to do, to get this up an
  3. Just trying to get an update to you guys,....not having much luck this afternoon. Not trying to get myself in sll sorts of trouble,....just tryin' to get free internet if at all possible. I am a female, 64, who happens to be disabled,....and one of the few forms of entertainment I have is my laptop. I was given a D Link Model DIR-625 Booster Router, and the only thing that seems to b e wrong is how to set it up,....the USB cord is missing, the one that connects the unit to my laptop. I went to the home site,...that wasn't much help,....another poster made a comment if I had a router, I would h
  4. Although my laptop may not be brank spankin' new,....it has the capability to use thw wireless connection. I'v tried going through HP, who made this Pavillion laptop, but their not real quick on getting back to me. Regardless,...I went through the steps with "Set Up Wireless Assistant', so that I might use the wireles connection. On the very last step,.....for either 2WIRE783 OR 2WIRE470, I was asked to insert the network key or passphase, in ordwer to sign on. Don't have that info, how do I get it, and where do I get it. Once you type in the network key/ passphase, how does one use this se
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