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System Restore


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ok, lets all start off with me saying, i hate windows....

i have really kinda grown to hate it since i have started using linux... its just sorta a pain and a hassle.

although, i have to use it with the career im going to be using :D

so i come to you all with a question about system recovery.

i have never had good luck with this tool. it has always been a pain to use. i backed my dads computer up a day or two and it failed each time i tried to do so. but one of his drivers for his printers, after said system restore kept saying it wasnt installed anymore. then my uncle did it on his computer and it crashed it, he had to use a system recovery disc he bought. (actually, i had to use it.....)

so anyway, with bad luck and all, i dont really know how the program works...

so here is my scenario, my mom and dad worked together, my mom did secretary stuff for my dad's business. now, my mom doesnt need to do work for him. so her computer has files and stuff from the work she did. and her wireless internet was locked so that it would stay connected to one network only so it would interface with printers and stuff, i dont know.. they had compute guys come in and set stuff up for them, and they kinda made the whole thing a mess.

so what i want to do is set the computer completely back to its original factory settings. as if they just bought it. the few files she wanted i backed up onto a flash drive. but, the problem is, is she has outlook and some other programs on here that she wants. including word and what not. and her computer has had virus's and trojans in the past, so rather than dealing with that, i would rather it be wiped.

so what im kinda hoping is that a system restore to original settings will delete all files not originally on the computer but keep the programs. so it would be like buying the computer brand new with programs. but i want all the outlook files kept as well as the programs.

so do i go the long way and uninstall all programs i dont want as well as manually delete files, or what exactly would a system restore do? (assuming it would work.....)

EDIT: also, i want all the networking settings returned to normal again as well.... and all program settings to default...

SUPER EDIT: its running XP home edition. and is a compaq laptop.


Kolton K

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I am afraid, but i don't think its gonna be possible to restore the computer back to its default factory settings, if you don't have an image of it, already created somewhere.

Best option would be to wipe off the system and install everything again and once you have all programs installed, use a program like Acronis True Image to make an image of you hard disk.

That is just my option by the way, other users may have other option.

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well, the programs they have on there are ones that they paid for. so i could do it all manually. remove virus's, delete files, remove programs, and try to set Internet settings back to default. but didnt know if there was a quicker way. we dont have another xp OS disc either. so couldnt blast it and redo it anyway.

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Do you have any factory reimaging CD that came with the computer?

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nope. but wouldnt re imaging it remove everything on it? or maybe we arent thinking about the same thing?

i think whover was taking care of the computers before i was computer savvy in anyway, basically took them. we dont use him anymore. but my dads vista disc's and my moms XP stuff is gone. we dont have much of any of it. which is to bad. all i got is some software suits.

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