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I thought I'd organise a competition in order to prove how easy it is to hide/conceal a message.

The competition is to find a secret message in a picture. You have to find it, decode it and then email it to me to win.

There aren't really any rules, except that you have to do this on your own. First person to find it wins!

Email = competition@secretmessage.comyr.com


I now have three different pictures up, and I have changed the link above to simply goto the root of the website.

Because there are now a few different challenges, from now on please put the challenge number you have attempted as the subject, nothing else.

Before you all start screaming "OMG DIS IS 2 EASY FOR A 1337 Hax0r LIEK ME!", let's see how long it takes for someone to actually get the answer. Of course I could be underestimating the community, but hey everyone who has met me thinks I'm a n00b anyway. I have underestimated you all, one guy even got it in 38 seconds flat (supposedly).

If you want to chat to me live, my Steam name is "EMB", and I always accept chat requests. Be aware that I am in UK time (GMT 0) so it may be late for me if you are in the US.

Below is a list of all those who have completed "Secret Message 1":

  1. digininja
  2. wiretapp - "38 seconds?!"
  3. Atarii
  4. Facuman
  5. Jason

Below is a list of all those who have completed "Secret Message 2":

  1. Noone

Below is a list of all those who have completed "Secret Message 3":

  1. Noone
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Hurr, /me has definately underestimated digininja :(

Ahh well, always expected one of the people high up to get it fast.

Nonetheless, let's see how quickly some of the "normal" get it. Yes I will try and make a harder one for you to crack digininja, however efortlessly you seem to be able to crack it.

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This is the one line in Ruby

puts ("001101010011001000110110001100010011011001100011001101100110011000110111001










001000110000001101100110010100110110011001100011001001100101").gsub(/([01]{8})/) { |b| b.to_i(2).chr} .gsub(/../) { |b| b.hex.chr }.reverse.split.reverse.join(" ")

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That's a cool piece of code. I ported it to python as a self imposed exercise (I used 3 loops for my original approach to the problem).

import re; print " ".join([rev_word[::-1] for rev_word in "".join([chr(int(hex_char,16)) for hex_char in re.findall("..", "".join([chr(int(bin_char,2)) for bin_char in re.findall("([01]{8})","00110101001100100011011000110001001101100110001100110













0110000001101100110010100110110011001100011001001100101")]))]).split(' ')])

readeable, huh?

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Look at the origional post for updates.

Can I remind all of you that this is being done using the Firefox and Notepad++, by a 14yr old who also has to leave clues as it is meant to be solved. Think of what someone trying to actually hide a message would be possible of.

Also, w00t I got 3 people to join just because of my thread!

Edit: Forgot to mention that the first secret message was made by 11yr old brother, that's why it's kind of completely random..

Also, don't cheat using the code supplied if you haven't already solved it...

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Hmm, it looks like the knowledge of where I go to school will stay safe :D (No. 3 contained that)

It would have pointed out the problems and scary realities of steganography and how easy it is if only the community hadn't given up...

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