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Email Server For Unix-like Os


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I want to try my hand at setting up an email server (that's not exchange). I've been looking up some applications to do this like postfix, sendmail, zimbra, and atmail but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on which one is overall the best. From what I can tell postfix is probably the best for what I want to do. Does anyone have experience with postfix or others that you would recommend? Thanks!

Just some more info, I intend to run this on box I currently use as a webserver, that has an atom chip and runs FreeBSD.

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Do you just want to install it to play around with it? or see how it works? Postfix is the best for what you want, but what do you want to do with it?

I just want to have something like 5 accounts or a few more. I do want to mainly just use it for learning, but I may eventually use it as a primary email account. I'm also hoping to get something that has built-in spam filtering or at least one I can add automated filtering to.

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You can configure Assassin as a spam filter for Postfix, that's what PostFix uses for fighting spams.


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