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Dual Monitors


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My brother just bought a new-ish computer for a business, and wants to have dual monitors on it, but his video card only has a VGA and HDMI out, but apparently neither of the monitors he has supports HDMI. I think he was thinking of using the on-board graphics, it is a Intel chip-set, in conjunction with the video card, an ATI radeon HD 3400. I had him set the active video to the motherboard graphics, and now the computer doesn't see the ATI card in the device manager. He tried everything I could thing of, and everything google could thing of too. Since I'm extremely tired, I thought I might have just missed a simple little fix, so here I am.

Is there a way to do this without buying a new card or monitor? He doesn't want to spend much more on this then he already has, since it's a small business

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Some of the newer AMD chipsets will allow you to use an IGP in conjunction with an AMD card, but I've never tested it. Its usually listed as a feature though.

Yea, that's what I've read somewhere, put I wanted to be sure. I guess I might just send him one of my old video cards with 2 VGA outs, since I don't think the motherboard supports it.

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