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"hackers" (the Movie) Party


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i think i might have to dress up like dade murphy and go to this. best costume gets $250. any one interested?

"Hackers (the movie) 15th Anniversary Party on Oct 2nd", a Kickstarter project by Fred Benenson. http://kck.st

About this project

Have you ever dreamed of hacking the Gibson? Wearing rollerblades to a party? Playing a beta of Wipeout on a massive projection screen? Listening to Orbital's Halcyon & On & On while spinning in a telephone booth wearing a virtual reality visor in Grand Central?

Now is your chance to come embrace the ridiculousness and imagination of Hackers the movie -- a film that inspired a generation of internet enthusiasts.

We're celebrating the 15th anniversary of the film's premier with a cyberpunk fĂȘte on October 2nd 2010.

Location: TBA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Time: 10pm - ?

Music: All your favorite 90s techno classics.

DJs: Praveen (Sepalcure / Percussion Lab / Hotflush Recordings), choyce hacks! (resonatormag.com), red foxx (hearthrob / karmaloop)

Dress: Your finest cyberpunk regalia.

We've got a killer location in Brooklyn (minutes from the L) for this party, but in keeping with theme of the movie, we're going to keep it a secret until the last minute.

Backers pledging $15 will get sent the location and admission to the party (cheaper than the door price), and a commemorative 3.5" neon floppy disk. Pledge more and you'll get a custom costume for the party, and root access to the Gibson.

$500 gets you a hacker slave that has to wear a dress to the party.

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I was reading that earlier, I thought they would make you a costume for 250$? Are you reading something I'm not?

Hmmm I wonder who is going for the make them wear a dress option =P

DEIT :: Huh, I just IMDB'ed hackers and it says the release date was Sept 15, 1995, and the party is on Oct 2.

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