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MAME32 starting up with Windows? How can I do this?


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I've decided to make myself an arcade cab, and am using one of my spare PCs which is just sitting on my floor collecting dust.

It's a 1.2GHz Athlon XP

512mb of RAM 333MHz


250watt PSU

Some 64mb video card.

I actually picked that up for free a few months back, when I was planning on making a cab. It's running Windows XP, with most of the services turned off, (A ton of them I'll never need) and no AV, or Firewall. So it runs pretty smoothly, as it is.

Now, for my question. Is it possible to have MAME32 to startup fullscreen with Windows, so I don't have to use a mouse, or keyboard to startup the program?


According to Darren's post it is possible, I just don't know how.

Can anyone please explain?

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