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dont click on adds, pop-ups, email that you dont know who its from. use firefox web browser and install the add ons, no script, adbock, better privacy, redirect remover. install comodo (i think thats how you spell it) its a free firewall. it uses allot of memory though, but it is good.

if you do all this an you still have a problem then i dont think you belong near a computer. ;)

edit: wait why was this guy banned after one post?

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What are some tips for not getting viruses except dont watch porn have an antivirus security setting on internet high etc. Useful ones please?

1. Never click on links you are not 100% sure, where they are from

2. Use Avast 5 (Free Antivirus) and Comodo (Free Firewall)

3. Always update your computer software

4. Use Virtual machines, if you have to visit a website that may be infected.

5. Don't open attachments, that claims to make you computer run faster, if you have to open use VM

6. Install a good spam filter, that way it will keep unsafe content away from your inbox.

7. Use strong passwords, some virus/worms are designed to take advantages of weak passwords.

8. Use untangle firewall to stop unwanted attacks. Since it has feautures like IDPS and a built in antivirus. These features should give you some peace of mind.

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great thanks for the post

No problems, just play cool and you will be fine.

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