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How Does Camera Security Work For Table Games At Casinos?


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What's the level of internal control like for table games [in casinos]? I know each table has a camera above it. Is there a security personnel for EACH table monitoring the activity? And is there another security personnel watching the other security personnel that's watching the dealer, and so fourth? Just curious

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I would guess each security personnel that's watching the monitors has 12-ish tables their watching, since I don't think they are looking for the actual act of cheating, just signs of it on the players. I would also venture that they trust the dealers, otherwise they won't hire them, but if something doesn't add up, like one dealer is loosing too often, or some other fishy situation, they would pull up the video of that dealer of look into it deeper. They also have a few guys patrolling around the tables, mostly just to make sure they are seen, since people are much less likely to cheat if they think they are being watched.

These are just my guesses, and could be completely wrong, but it seems very unfeasible for them to have 1 guard per camera.

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I found something on the above subject, may be worth of reading


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