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How To Make A Rickrolling Jasager

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Based on the original as mentioned in episode 725.

Before You Start

You need either a working Pineapple, or a freshly flashed pineapple. I went with a freshly flashed one, but this should also work on a working pineapple.


Note: If you are using a working pineapple, make sure in /etc/config/dhcp that you are not giving out an external DNS server, such as Google DNS or OpenDNS. Additionally, remove or disable any Web UI such as Luci or X-WRT.

Note: If you are using a freshly-flashed pineapple, enable the wireless card with:

uci set wireless.wifi0.disabled=0
uci commit wireless && wifi

(Optional) Remove the default SSID

Remove the entire 'wifi-iface' section from /etc/config/wireless

Resolve all DNS queries to the Fon.

  1. Create the file /etc/dnsmasq.conf if it doesn't exist.
  2. Add the following line:


Set Karma to start automatically

  1. Add the following code to the end of the start function in /etc/init.d/jasager

    wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode master 2>&1 > /dev/null
    iwpriv ath0 karma 1
    brctl addif br-lan ath0
    ifconfig ath0 up

  2. Comment out the following line in /etc/init.d/jasager

    iptables -I FORWARD -i ath0 -o br-lan -j ACCEPT

Configure Rick

Note: If you are using an IP address other than, edit rr.m3u to reflect that change.

SCP the contents of http://cl.ly/f8df030cc9e0bdbe9b6e to /www on your pineapple.

Redirect 404s

  1. Create /etc/rrhttpd.conf (rick roll httpd.conf) and add the following line to it:

  2. Edit /www/index.htm and change the embed tag to point to /rr.m3u (absolute path)
  3. Edit /etc/init.d/httpd, and right above the line
    eval "$HTTPD_BIN $args"

    add the line

    append args "-c /etc/rrhttpd.conf"

Restart everything

Either restart dnsmasq, httpd, and karma, or just reboot the entire pineapple.

(I hope I didn't forget anything)

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thanks for the guide i had really fun with trying this out :D,

I ran into some problems tough maybe someone could use this.

I could not login on the webif page

This is easily solvable by commenting out the line added to /etc/init.d/httpd and reboot the pineapple and when the settings are right just uncomment it and reboot again.

Plug-in required with Firefox for playing the music

I replaced the player with JP player. Its really easy to use just edit the readme page provided with the JP player download and replace the movie with the rickroll mp3, add &autoplay behind the filename in the script And change the size of the player a bit.

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Thanks for the advise maybe it works if its on another port only i have no idea where i can change that.

I needed webif to setup a network with encryption to try it out at some places ( friends , family ) just for fun. But with commenting out and rebooting i could set it up anyway.

When I tried to the web page local ( without a web server) i did get that message and there where no plugins for firefox. I don't know if it works on a web-server normally no idea, with IE 8 no problems, local only a active-x warning. JP player is playing it automatic without warnings on IE and most people i know are still using IE. But only if its on the jasagar or on a normal web-server it works since local flash is disabled.

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  • 3 months later...

Just wanted to let you know that I have finished a "payload" for Jasager, much more annoying and funny as it's based on Nyan Cat!!!

Also, I made an install script for freshly-flashed foneras/pineapples with the Jasager firmware: create the password through telnet, copy the files and launch the script over ssh, then the router will reboot and be ready to go.

If you looked at the code, I know... it's copy pasted without any sense, but works!

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