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Missing /etc/dnsmasq.conf

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I was trying to make the rick rolling jasager. I was following what was done on bebo's blog (link below). But when I got to the part where he changed the /etc/dnsmasq.conf, I was unable to find it on my router. The only difference is that i am use openwrt 8.09 and it appears that he is using 7.09. Has the way you route the dns changed with the newer version, if so how would I do that? Thanks alot!



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In the /etc the only file that i see is dnsmasq.options. I uninstalled dnsmasq then reintalled it and nothing new showed up. I found that if i go to /etc/config/dhcp there is 'config dnsmarq' there is then a bunch of setting under it. Is that something I might need to edit? I originally followed the jasager v2 tutorial on this forum to setup the router.

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