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Virtual Box On Startup


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Is there a way to make some virtual machines to start automatically on virtual box start up? I have 2 physical machines running virtual box with a couple machines each, networked together, so I can break it and fix it. Just to save myself some time of VNC'ing into each box and starting them, it would just be easier, maybe, to make them start when virtual box/the computer boots up.

They are both in windows XP, I know one is fully updated SP3, and pretty sure the other is SP2, if it matters I can look it up.

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Easiest way is create a quick batch script and dump a shortcut to it in your Startup folder.


start "c:\program files\sun\xvm virtualbox\vboxmanage.exe" startvm "XP 1"
start "c:\program files\sun\xvm virtualbox\vboxmanage.exe" startvm "XP 2"

Copy to text file, save as startvm.bat and place a shortcut in your Startup folder (in the Start Menu).

If you prefer them to run headless, use this instead:


start "c:\program files\sun\xvm virtualbox\vboxheadless.exe" -startvm "XP 1"
start "c:\program files\sun\xvm virtualbox\vboxheadless.exe" -startvm "XP 2"

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