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Playstation 3 Clustering


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I'm sure many people have read about being able to cluster playstation 3's into a semi-supercomputer. Then Sony pushed a firmware to disable loading on other OS's. I've read that if you don't update the firmware you would still be able to load linux on. So my question is has there been a hack to allow this again, or if anyone know if you buy some new ones, if they come with the latest firmware, or if they come with the basic firmware without the update?


For those unaware of it.

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Sony has provided the military a custom firmwar to allow them to continue using it.

Ooo, I haven't heard that. I have heard that some people have been working on this, but that was just in comments, but I haven't been able to find an actual site on it. I heard the air force bought 2200 PS3's for this type of thing, It would suck for them if they weren't able to continue using it because of a firmware update.

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