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[Version 1] [snippet]admin Cmd In Vista/win7

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I haven't seen this posted anywhere, so I figured I'd share what I have. It doesn't use Psychosis' PsyDuck code because I want to get a feel for the stuff before I go and start using pre-coded functions and stuff (so I have somewhat of an understanding of the underlying stuff).

Anyways, this code will get you a command prompt as Administrator through the Start -> search bar

void AdminCMD(void);
void OpenStartMenu(void);
void UACRunAsAdmin(void);

void AdminCMD(void){
  /*Type "cmd.exe" in search bar.*/
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_C, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_M, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_D, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_PERIOD, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_E, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_X, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_E, 0);

/*Run highlighted program as Administrator
*by invoking and accepting the UAC prompt.*/
void UACRunAsAdmin(void){
  /*Press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for UAC prompt*/
  keyboard_modifier_keys = KEY_CTRL | KEY_SHIFT;
  keyboard_keys[0] = KEY_ENTER;
  keyboard_modifier_keys = 0;
  keyboard_keys[0] = 0;
  _delay_ms(800); /*Time for UAC to appear*/
  /*Accept UAC prompt*/
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_LEFT, 0);
  usb_keyboard_press(KEY_ENTER, 0);

/*Open Start Menu using CTRL+ESC instead
*of the Windows logo (KEY_GUI) because
*that key can be completely disable, while
*CTRL+ESC still works.*/
void OpenStartMenu(void){
  keyboard_modifier_keys = KEY_CTRL;
  keyboard_keys[0] = KEY_ESC;
  keyboard_modifier_keys = 0;
  keyboard_keys[0] = 0;

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