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Ps2 Mod


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Hi there,

I did a playstation 2 mod a while back and figured I'd post it here for anyone interested.

Before I start

1) Photo bucket with more pics: http://s794.photobucket.com/albums/yy230/h.../PS2%20Project/

2) Youtube video/slide show:

I modded out my ps2 to include:

1 Wireless contoller

1 Built-in memory card

1 Built-in memory card (with fmcb softmod installed on it)

And a few switches to control it all.

The nice thing is if you turn off an internal component such as a controller for example you can then plug in a controller in the same port the internal one is installed.

Same with memory cards just turn off your internal card and insert your own card and it works perfect.

Even better, if you've played alot of ps2 game you know that some wont let you transfer saves, some will let you load the game insert another card and save to the new one but most don't.

We'll with this mod you could just insert the card with the save, load the game and the very second it goes to save flip on the internal card and remove your own card and it will save the game to the new card. (I've never had a corruption problem but I assume if you pull the card at the wrong time it's possible)

Below I'm checking continuity of the card slot so I can be sure I wire the internal card properly


The next two I'm attaching the memory card



Here I'm installing a switch on pin one to turn the card on and off


This is the finished project


There is ALOT more to this and more picture and I intent to add to it please any questions or comments let me know, If you plan on doing this I'd be more than happy to help.

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I got me a PS2 debugging console :D no mod needed. Got an XBOX Debugging console too, and an XBOX that is modded.

Also a hard drive from Midway Games with Maya 2008 on it and license key. I got all sorts of Midway Games old property.

I might have to look into using that internal memory card though. Apparently the PS2 hard drive is only used for a sort of swap file for some games. boooo

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Yeah hard drive won't really hold saves on the ps2. I mean its possible to move them to the drive and back to the card but you cannot save directly to or load from the hard drive, with the exception of some homebrew.

I have maya 2008 somewhere too and a modded xbox. Though I don't have the debugging consoles. I do however have the xbox dev kit laying around somewhere.

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As far as the dev kit, I'm good I got it somewhere

and thanks, one of the nice things about modding older tech is its cheaper and if you mess up its not a big deal. I had 3 ps2s and so I modded two of them, I didn't have to worry about breaking something.

Ex: I want to mod my Asus 900A netbook but I just payed $130 for it on top of accessories and yes thats not a whole lot but if you slip up well the expenses grow :)

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